Basics of Jump – Starting your Recruiting Process


Not Sure Where to Start – STM Introduces You to The Basic Steps to Adding A Spark in Your Recruiting Process


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You will ultimately land on college recruiting radars, by following STM’s step by step jump start plan. Get on the radar of College Recruiters. Get a clear communication strategy on how to reach out and communicate with college coaches. Doing it all while reducing the stress and anxiety as you navigate the complex roads of the college recruiting process.

What This Course Has to Offer:

This introduction course walks you through the basic steps you can take at the beginning of your recruiting process to ensure that you are getting noticed and on the radar. STM academy will help you be more focused and organized in the beginning of your recruiting process. We will sort through the obstacles and clear the path for you to land on the radar. You are a few clicks away from separating yourself from the pack. You can complete this course in a short period of time, if you are up to it! Of course, we ae here to support you and believe that you can get noticed by colleges with these quick easy steps.

A course for All Student- Athletes:

A course for All Student- Athletes: STM academy is designed to meet the challenges of all athletes of all levels whether you are starting your process early in your high school career or at the later part of high school career. The STM academy will benefit you and dramatically spark you recruiting process.

A Course Based on You

STM academy was designed for you. Are you a student athlete that has a desire to get noticed? An athlete who is not from a recruiting hotbed? Are you just frustrated because you believe you have talent to play at the nest level, however no one knows about you? If you said YES to any of those questions, STM academy was made for you. Your recruiting process should be a process where you can go through it and say “ahh” and just feel good about the road traveled. It should bring you a feeling of peace, joy, and happiness.


So… are you ready? Let’s get in the GAME together!


Craig Gunter

A private coach and trusted advisor to student athletes all over the country, Craig has a keen insight into the unique pressure’s kids and parents feel as they go through the recruiting process both on and off the field. Craig founded STM, because he understands that coaches, parents and athletes are each making significant investments of time and resources to participate in youth sports. He believes these investments deserve to be honored and valued.


Every time Craig Gunter succeeds in helping a student athlete get a scholarship, he is setting that kid and their family on a new trajectory that will send ripple effects across their entire lives. It sounds big, because it is big. (Kimberly Baskett)

Anyone interested in playing in college should sign up. Craig Gunter is a direct honest guy who can give you a push in the right direction. (Janet Berry Hutchings)

Craig, I can’t tell you enough. Thank you for what you do. I do know if there are any parents out there needing help please get in touch with @1stm2016, you will not be disappointed. Craig is truly the best at what he does and only wants the best for your child! Thanks again! (Curtis)

@1stm2016 Thank you so much for helping me through this process. Forever blessed and grateful. BTW that jumper is “Real Good” (Mackenzie Shupe)


  • When does the course start & finish?

    The course starts now and ends when you land that golden ticket (scholarship offer).

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have access to the course until your graduation date. After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course across any and all devices you own.